Plastens hus

The Nordics' one and only plastics museum

Welcome to Plastens Hus in Perstorp

Plastens Hus takes you on a journey through the exciting history of plastics, past memorable products that can make you laugh and wonder, into our time where plastic is an important component in high technology, medicine and IT. It’s no surprise that Plastens Hus is located in Perstorp – it was here that Scandinavia’s first plastic material was produced. The building is also home to a gift shop and a tourist office.

Opening hours

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday at 10.00-14.00
Saturday and Sunday Closed


Admission to the exhibition: SEK 50
Members free.

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Hässleholmsvägen 6
284 34 Perstorp


Vinegar, plastic and Sigvard Bernadotte – what’s the connection?

Our exhibition is where you have a chance to experience the exciting story of the Scandinavia’s first plastic material and get to see the successful products created here. You’ll also find out how Perstorp’s famous vinegar – actually a by-product from the 19th-century coal plant – led to the Perstorp plate with its famous Virrvarr pattern created by the designer Sigvard Bernadotte.

Skandinaviens största plastindustri


What is plastic good for?

Thanks to its many properties, plastic is an unbeatable material in a wide range of applications (or products). Computers, mobile phones, televisions and other IT products are largely made of plastic. And did you know that plastic can save lives?

At Plastens Hus, you’ll find many examples of this – everything from well-known plastic household items to advanced industrial products.

Vad är plast bra för?


Plastic and the environment

Using plastic in the right way, actually contributes to reducing environmental impact. Did you know, for example, that correctly recycled plastic is often a more environmentally friendly material than glass, especially when it comes to food packaging?

Plast och miljö

Our shop

In our shop, you’ll find design products and gifts with a local connection. We also stock the plastic Hinza shopping bag, whose predecessor was designed by the Perstorp AB company in 1957.

Tourist office

Our premises also house the Perstorp tourist office. Here, we have official tourist information and we are happy to help you with directions, guidance and tips on things to see and do.


We arrange guided tours through the plastics exhibition in the old factory premises. We take you through the factory’s history and take a closer look at the interesting industrial development that took place here. We’ve got a few amusing anecdotes to share with you and we finish up in the present, where plastic has an important role to play as a versatile material.